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UK 2AAA PenlightŁ16.95

UK 2AAA Penlight

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2AAA Xenon Penlight

Its non-conductive high impact case allows use around circuitry or electricity. UL Class I Div 2 or CENELEC Eex (ATEX) rated for use in hazardous locations.


High intensity xenon filled lamp.
Prefocused lamp for instant narrow beam.
Glow-in-the-dark button tip for easy location in the dark.
Twist ON and OFF switch.
Electrically non-conductive case.
Moulded pocket clip.
Tough LEXAN™ plastic construction.
Optional high brightness red LED (.075 watts), for protecting night vision, provides 24 hour burn time.
Waterproof to 500 feet.

NOTE: Light is not certified for use with Lithium batteries in hazardous locations. Use only listed Alkaline cells.


Brightness: 12 Lumens
Lamp: 1.12 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
Burntime: 2 - 2.5 hrs.
Batteries: 2 AAA Alkaline/LR03; 2AAA Lithium/L92
Size: 4.8 L x 0.75 W x 0.75 D inches
Colours: Yellow or Black