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UK SL4 Sunlight43.95

UK SL4 Sunlight

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It emits narrow and penetrating beam for seeking out unique marine life found under ledges. It also works well attached to protective head gear in technical diving applications.


Precision machined aluminium reflector gives bright, narrow beam for sighting distant objects.
Fits neatly in BC pocket, ready to use.
Works well as a photo spotting light or to illuminate gauges and tables.
Moulded rubber bezel cover reduces glare and protects light.
Thumb or index finger activated rotary switch permits single hand operation.
Tough, non-conductive ABS and polycarbonate plastic construction will not corrode, dent or freeze to skin in cold weather.
Rubber sleeve lanyard included.
Waterproof to 500 feet


Brightness: 113 Lumens
Lamp: 5.5 watt high brightness xenon filled lamp
Burntime: 4-5 hours
Batteries: 4 C Alkaline
Size: 6.2 L x 1.5 W x 1.7 D inches
Colours: Yellow or Black