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UK Mini Pocket Light eLED£22.95

UK Mini Pocket Light eLED

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The most unique feature of this light compared to competitors is the type of beam it projects. Rather than producing a bright centre spot which fades quickly to dark, the UK 2AAA eLED® projects a soft edged disk of even illumination. This is made possible by a compound lens optical system designed specially for the 2AAA eLED®. From a distance of 24 inches the beam is about 6-7 inch in diameter or about 16 degrees. This type of illumination is very useful when trying to read a map or view a work area up close. A Nylon clip is included for attaching the light to safety glasses or the brim of a cap for task illumination.
Complete with batteries, hat clip and key ring

Built-in current regulation circuit for constant light output and long lamp life.
Twist ON and OFF switch.
Waterproof O-ring seal.
Nylon clip included for attaching to safety glasses or the brim of a cap.
Key ring for use as a pocket light.
ABS and Polycarbonate plastic construction.
Waterproof to 10 meters.


Brightness: 7 Lumens
Lamp: High brightness white LED
Burntime: 20 hrs
Batteries: 2 AAA Alkaline/LR03; 2 AAA Lithium/L92
Size: 2.9 L x 1.1 W x 0.74 D inches
Colours: Black or Yellow

* not suitable for diving *